With Arup and Bauman Lyons

For our second Grasshopper User Group Meeting of 2019 we are meeting at Arup’s Manchester offices.

Grasshopper, now built into the popular 3D Modelling CAD tool Rhino v6 for Windows, is widely used with the AEC industry with growing interest in Product and Industrial Design, Furniture and Jewellery Design.  For those exploring and maybe new to the subject or for veteran users, we invite you to come along and hear from / network with key industry users.  More on Grasshopper here

The meetings follow a simple format of at least one presentation from a customer with experience in this field, followed by group discussion and informal pleasantries.

Confirmed Presenters are our hosts, Arup, and architects Bauman Lyons.



Presentation by Arup

Our presenters are Daniel Edmiston and Mark Joynson – Structural Engineers | Building Engineering | Arup

Stadium image showing use of Grasshopper by Arup

Our presentation focuses on why and how we utilise Grasshopper. We describe our initial experiences in implementing the tool in the design development of two of the stadiums currently under construction for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, the Iconic Stadium in Lusail and the Qatar Foundation Stadium in Doha, and then outline how we have since developed the skills and tools on various other projects, including its application at early concept stage, and our proactive approach to up-skilling the team across the region.

Presentation by Bauman Lyons

Our presenter is Matt Murphy – Architect | Bauman Lyons

MassBespoke is a parametrically driven timber cassette construction system that integrates structural design and fabrication into an automated system that can be accessed by architects from outline design stage to produce bespoke buildings through distributed local CNC fabrication.  

Mass Bespoke Parametically Driven Timber Cassette Construction Units

Primarily aimed at ordinary (rather than extraordinary) construction, Grasshopper has given us the capability to handle the complexities that arise from creating a single system that can iterate endless different design inputs.

We feel this gives rise to a paradigm shift for everyday bespoke construction – in particular the level of R&D that can be afforded as it is invested into a reusable system, rather than the reinvention of the wheel.  

Street Elevation Image for Mass Bespoke


Our goal is to create an easier way for architects to add value through good design without the drawback of added cost and uncertainty of bespoke construction and to enable a clearer path for manufacturers to sell their products to the end user through the future possibility of integrated compatible systems.

Mass Bespoke Workflow image

The presentation will discuss different stages of our work flow, including some of the different tools & plugins we are using in our Grasshopper definitions, as well as how we’re starting to improve data management and output verification as we move towards mortgage-backed accreditation of MassBespoke construction.