With Bryden Wood & McNeel showcasing RhinoVR

This is the fourth meeting of our AR/VR for Rhino User Group.

The group is for those who are interested in meeting in order to network, discuss and explore virtual and augmented reality solutions for Rhino3d.

The meetings follow a simple format of at least one presentation from a customer with experience in this field, followed by group discussion and informal pleasantries.

If you’d like to join us for the meeting then Sign-up for your place via Eventbrite Here

NB* Entry without registration is not possible – this is due to security entry in place at the location.


  • Thursday 20th September 2018
  • 18:30 – 20:30
  • Bryden Wood – 100 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1x 8AL (See map here)



Presenting at this meeting:

Bryden Wood

The Creative Technology team of Bryden Wood is a new digital group of computational designers working on advanced approaches to digital design.

Virtual Reality Scene from the VR team at Bryden Wood

Within the team, our XR specialists concentrate on building interactive and data driven applications across multiple platforms – VR, AR, mobile and web.

AR/VR Highway Scene from Bryden Wood

Together, we connect 3D project content from a range of authoring tools – including Rhino and Revit –with other data sources to create immersive and insightful experiences for project design teams and external clients.

AR/VR Scenes from Bryden Wood

In this presentation we will demonstrate our unique work flow that allows the different digital platforms communicate and contribute to each other in a smooth easy way. We will show our interactive applications and demo our latest VR and AR developments.

Augmented Reality Screenshot Bryden Wood


Robert McNeel and Associates
– RhinoVR: VR Tools inside Rhino 6 presented by Andy Le Bihan

McNeel (the developers of Rhino) have been working on some VR tools within Rhino v6 for Windows, the resulting plug-in is called RhinoVR.  Although this is an on-going project there’s some very interesting tools here for everyone interested in using Rhino as a VR platform.

Screen-grab of RhinoVR, the Rhino3d plugin for VR/AR

RhinoVR is a Rhino 6 plug-in which uses the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift head-mounted displays to render Rhino viewports in virtual reality.  Using RhinoVR it is possible to navigate around in the Rhino scene using the VR controllers (Vive and Rift). Via the controllers you can navigate, objects can be selected and moved.

Andy will be demonstrating these tools live, they’ll also be the opportunity to test them for yourself.



Thanks to Bryden Wood for kindly hosting this AR/VR for Rhino UGM.