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Sweep Improvements in Rhino V5

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Video Transcript
This is Phil Cook from Simply Rhino and in this short video were going to look at a couple of improvements that have been made to the sweep command in Rhino version 5.

Let’s look first at the simple sweep option, this is something that in the case of the two rail sweep whilst available in Rhino 3d 4.0 of rhino but has now been extended to the sweep one rail command as well. This option allows me to create explicit geometry where I’ve got my curves correctly set up.

Here I’ve got two rails and two cross sections comprised of two degree five curves and two degree three curves, each of these curves are single span curves and in the case of the rails the control points have been set along the x axis.

If I build my two rail sweep here and select the simple sweep option then my control points are going to follow the exact positions where they were located on the curves. This simple option has now been extended to sweep one rail, here I use the existing surface edge as the rail and these two curves as the cross sections again I’ve got the simple option here, again allowing me in this case to create single span geometry.

The major improvements in sweeps in version 5 is the fact that they now will work with rhino3d history so for example, if I pick the curve here that created the first sweep and I pick some control points here then I should be able to adjust both sweeps by adjusting this one rail. I’m going to turn on a little bit of reference geometry here and if I run the move command here I should be able to pull these points outwards and you see that the shapes update. Again if you’re careful with the geometry here you can maintain continuity when you do this.

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