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Rendered Shadows in Rhino V5.0

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Video Transcript

This is Phil Cook from Simply Rhino and in this short video we’re going to look at the rendered shadows viewport mode in Rhino v5.

If we compare this to the rendered mode you will see that rendered shadows adds, of course, shadows and also gives the ability to do things like bump mapping. If I add a point light you’ll see that the shadow affect and the bump mapping affect can become much more dramatic. You’ll also see that if I take this point light, and move this, then the shadows update in real time.

It’s important to realise that this is actually a working mode so I can pick for example this object here and I can turn on for example the points for this solid here, Pick these, Move this upwards and you will see this part update in real time.

All of the materials in the file are just basic rhino3d materials and for example if we pick this strap here you will see there are some changes to the materials editor here with a few new options.

So, the rendered shadows viewport mode gives us a really nice real time working mode, which gets us much closer to that of a real time renderer.

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