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The next version of Rhino3d, Rhino3d 5.0 is currently under development for both the PC & the MAC. We would like to share what’s new and most interesting within this work in progress 3d modelling tool. Also, as the video library grows we will feature some of the major work in progress features of the more popular plug-ins for Rhino3d. We will also offer the ability to vote on the next feature area of Rhino3d or a plug-in, based on that demand we’ll then create some new content.

So, this site sets out to help with a glimpse into the future, what tools you can expect to see within the next release.

There are many other sites with good content on existing Rhino 4.0 tools.
So, if you would like to be kept up to date with the key developments in the future version, this is the place for you, come back every so often & enjoy our Rhino3d 5.0 content. You can also subscribe to be informed whenever new content is added.

There are two sister versions of this Rhino3d video site, one for PC users with the material all recorded within the PC version and then again for Rhino3d for MAC, there are differences and we thought it sensible to provide specific versions of each video.

This site has been created by Simply Rhino in the UK, they have trained & continue to support 1000′s of Rhino users in the UK. Please follow these links below to find out more:

UK Rhino3d Sales

UK Rhino3d Training

If you have any feedback for us or ideas on how we can improve this site for you, please tell us.

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